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Throughout the site the terms “We”, “Us”, and “Our” refer to this Web Site in this Privacy Policy Statement. We commit to protecting your information and right to privacy. This applies to any information that We collect from you as a result of communicating, interacting, or doing business with you.

This statement describes:

  • The types of information We collect about you.
  • How We use that information.
  • The options available to you about how We use that information.

Regarding Collected Browser Information

This Web Site automatically collects information from your Web browser when you visit the Web Site. Then the server for this Web Site stores that information in standard Web log files for later reporting.

The information collected includes your IP Address (your location on the Internet), the type of Web browser you are using, the operating system of your computer, any Web pages and/or files of this Web Site that you requested or searched for, and the date/time when that activity took place.

We may collect and analyze this data with internal log parsing software strictly for traffic usage and reporting purposes.

We do not distribute, provide, release, sell, or share any information obtained during your use of this Web site to anyone.

Regarding The Use Of Cookies

This Web Site collects information from you with temporary, session-based cookies. Cookies are bits of data set in your Web browser by this Web site. These cookies serve to uniquely identify you as you visit and use this site.

You can set your Web browser to:

  • Not accept cookies or,
  • Notify you when a new cookie is received.

Regarding The Collection Of Personal Information

All personal information provided on this Web Site is purely voluntary.

All personal information collected is securely stored on servers operated by Go Daddy (See below for details about their operation).

When signing up for an e-Letter subscription, Keep that the information goes to directly to MailChimp. Here is their privacy policy:www.mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

You may stop these e-mails at any time by electing to unsubscribe. In that case, use the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each blog post e-mail. Or contact Us directly by using the Contact Form.

Regarding Uploading Media

No provisions exist for visitors to upload images, videos, articles, or any other media to this Web Site.

Regarding Our Promise To Protect Your Privacy

We respect your right to privacy and thus We will protect your personal information.

This Web Site is hosted by GoDaddy. Here is their Privacy Policy: www.godaddy.com/Agreements/Privacy.aspx

Regarding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Effective May 25, 2018, GDPR governs the protection of personal information about citizens and residents of the European Union (EU). This applies to all businesses and organizations that process or store information about EU residents and citizens. As a global provider of Web services, Go Daddy follows GDPR regulations.

Similarly, We abide by GDPR regulations.

If you are protected by GPDR and post information on this Web Site, We are authorized with lawful basis to process and store personal data about you.

Regarding This Privacy Policy

We will update this privacy policy as We continue to:

  • Improve our processes, and
  • Ensure We are compliant with GDPR.

Please send all questions or comments about Our Privacy Policy to:

Ann Steiner, Ph.D.
Phone: 925 962-0060

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