Dr. Steiner's Tools for Change

Individual Psychotherapy

Special Interests and Expertise

  • Relationship issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Chronic medical illness

The Value of Individual Psychotherapy and Support

I offer supportive individual psychotherapy that focuses on clarifying the issues you want help with and helping you make the changes you want in your life. My style is warm, and interactive. Individual therapy is a safe place where you can look at old patterns that are getting in your way and focus on what you want in world at this point in your life. I am guided by my belief that most of us have our own answers but we may need assistance in learning how to trust our own judgment. I draw on a variety of techniques depending on what you need and the issues you want to deal with.


My Theoretical Orientation

Therapy works best when there is a good match between the therapist and client. While it may take a few sessions to see whether you feel comfortable with me or any other therapist, feeling that your therapist understands you is essential. This allows a sense of safety, which allows you to be more fully honest about your pain and issues. Throughout our work together, I encourage clients to let me know what is and isn't working in therapy.

Although I draw from a variety of theoretical techniques, my primary approach is psychodynamic combined with relational, attachment, and control mastery theory. Each of these theories focus on individuals' strengths and desires to change old patterns that no longer work. It is important to understand the major influences in one's life and focus on how personal history and past relationships affect your current life and choices.

Another therapy orientation I use is systems theory. This approach looks at each individual within the context of his/her history, culture, support systems and values.

Hope can be rebuilt, pain managed, and a feeling of connection to others expanded. Using a collaborative, practical approach, I help increase comfort, self-confidence and enjoyment in life. My areas of expertise are life transitions and challenges such as relationship issues, chronic medical issues, pain, trauma, and grief work.

Feel free to call me at (925) 962-0060 if you have questions about whether my approach to therapy might feel like a good "fit" for you.


NOTE: As of June 2023, my practice is full and I am only accepting potential group members and consultation requests.


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