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As a psychotherapist, I love helping people live life to the fullest.  I give keynote addresses and motivational talks, lead workshops, and consult with patients, organizations, practicing therapists, and medical practitioners. 

This site includes a wide range of information and tools including information about my therapy services for individuals, couples, and groups to deepen interpersonal relationships. The site has:

Additionally, you will find:

NEWS and Events

Check out my new page: Coping with COVID-19. I will continue to add new resources, links and tips for coping with the stress of Shelter-in-Place and this life-altering pandemic. Fortuntately, during Sheltering in Place I am able to continue seeing patients and lead my three weekly groups using secure online video services.

Also check out this other important addition, a collection of Resources for Anti-Racism & Racial Justice. I encourage you to expand your awareness of our differences. This section includes a wide range of resources.

GOOD NEWS! The 988 Lifeline is now active across the United States!

By simply calling or texting 988 or chatting 988lifeline.org, you will be connected to compassionate care and support 24/7 for #MentalHealth related distress.

Please share this with someone to spread the word. #988Lifeline To learn more about 988.


Fortuntately, while COVID variants continue to emerge, I am able to continue seeing patients, lead my three weeky groups, and offer consultation, using secure online video services.

I am also pleased to announce that I am now licensed to provide telehealth services in New Mexico as well as in California!


I am delighted that Green Pastures, under the auspices of Grace Yung, Ph.D., in Hong Kong, has just released their translation of my book for the public about group work into both traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese for readers in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Scroll down to see more details about this exciting news!

What an honor to have been named Member of the Year for the National Speakers Association/ Northern California, just months after I got my 15th year anniversary pin from the National Speakers Association!  Thanks  to everyone who helped along the way.

Dr. Steiner's New Books


Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide is now available in Chinese!

I am delighted that Green Pastures, under the auspices of Grace Yung, Ph.D., in Hong Kong, has just released their translation of the first of my two workbooks about group therapy into both traditional Chinese characters and simplified Chinese for readers in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Online activities to promote the book in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia are being planned. In order to celebrate the publication of the book in Chinese, from now until November 30, 2022, all who visit "Green Grass Publishing" books can enjoy special discounts.

CHECK BACK for information about online book events in Hong Kong and elsewhere!

Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide

Help Your Group Thrive

My recent book for the public, Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide, Routledge Books, is written for leaders of work groups, coaches, managers, book and service clubs. This book is also for leaders of community organizations, self-help groups, writer’s and critique groups, and students of the social sciences, among others. Like my popular book for therapists, this workbook and planning guide includes an overview of different kinds of groups, leadership strategies, tips for dealing with common group challenges, and more. The material has been applied successfully to self-help groups, work, and other para-professionally led groups.

Whether you are considering starting a book group, wanting to find ways to recruit new members who will stay, or want tips to help your work group stay on track, this book's tips and suggestions will help make your group be more effective.These valuable tools will take you from defining your group's mission to helping your group thrive. Highlights include:

  • Designing Group Agreements that Fit Your Group
  • Sample group agreements
  • Tips for dealing with common group challenges.

Order your copy today! 20% Discount Code: FLR40, Free Shipping, through your local bookseller or on Amazon.

RECENTLY RELEASED! How to Create and Sustain Groups that Thrive: Therapist's Workbook and Planning Guide

About this workbook for therapists:

Workgroups That Thrive

This Third Edition of my popular workbook includes guidelines that can enrich and protect a wide range of therapy groups. Whenever I teach "How to Start and Sustain Groups that Thrive", participants ask for my forms and worksheets. I created this workbook to provide a hands-on approach to the challenges of forming and maintaining cohesive, durable and effective groups. This accessible manual for psychotherapists guides group leaders of psychotherapy groups, treatment groups, and work groups. This updated manual provides a wealth of tools for starting and maintaining groups, including an overview of different kinds of groups, sample group agreements, and a screening and preparation system.

New material includes:

  • Leading groups online
  • Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Innovative collaborative goal setting system

Order your copy today! 20% Discount Code: FLR40, Free Shipping, through your local bookseller or on Amazon.

Webinars about group work

I was surprised and pleased to be invited to teach psychologists how to do online groups for the National Register. Then, it was a pleasure to be one of three presenters for The Group Therapy Training Program's Spring Symposium ’s webinar about doing groups online, both of which were fun to present for and got wonderful feedback. Since then, I have done a number of other online trainings. Check out my Upcoming Events!

Radio Interviews:

Hear me on the Radio!

My Radio Tour is kicking off with a bang! From Pittsburgh, to Abilene, Texas, Toledo, OH, and San Francisco’s KGO - I’ll be talking about groups, harvesting happiness, and groups in the news! More to come!

Check out the complete listing on my Upcoming Events Page.

Join me for this fun interview on KXYL talking with Mark Cope about How Groups Help Us Live Better in Abilene, Texas.

Listen to this fun conversation on KGO’s Jason Middleton’s Technomics show!

Lisa Cypers and I had fun on her show, Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio. Click here to download the .mp3

“Conscious Talk” on KKNW/Seattle – This hour-long interview, with Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels was so fun the time flew by!

Hear my interview with Larry and Robin on WOCA News Talk Radio - Ocala, Florida!

Listen to my interview on KMA_AM, Omaha, NE!

Read my recent interviews:

It was a treat to be interviewed for the January, 2021 issue of Professional Speaker, the National Speaker's Association magazine, "Making the Pivot to Plan B: Is Your Enterprise Able to Pivot When Circumstances Force You Out of Your Comfort Zone?"

My guide to navigating family dynamics can help you focus on the fun stuff and approach holidays and special family times with more ease. After all, family gatherings should be about enjoying our loved ones, not dreading them!

It was fun to be interviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin on WriterAdvice.com about my new book for the public ‘Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide'. Here's the link: Scroll down the page a bit, and the article is on the right.

Check out my You Tube clip about the benefits of group therapy, specifically for people with medical issues and illnesses.

Note to Psychotherapists and medical providers: For information of specific clinical relevance for practicing psychotherapists, please see www.PsychotherapyTools.com

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