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About Dr. Steiner's Audio CD or MP3:

The Rollercoaster od Chronic Illness

The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness:
How to Add Joy to the Ride

An Interview with Motivational Speaker
and Psychotherapist Dr. Ann Steiner


In this audio MP3, Dr. Steiner offers an upbeat, practical guide for people living with arthritis, diabetes, chronic illnesses or pain. While sharing her story of discovering ways to coexist peacefully with arthritis, she shares how she has been able to make her limitations just one part of who she is as a person. She helps listeners find new ways to make the most of life with limitations, deal with the challenges that illness brings to relationship issues, trust, and intimacy. The recording also benefits family members, health care workers, and those whose lives are affected by ill relatives and friends. It includes materials that have been road-tested over a long career of offering one-on-one counsel, lecturing, and giving presentations to professionals, patients, caregivers and family members nationally.


  • Increase understanding of your reactions to the limitations illness brings.
  • Meet your needs through suggestions and practical tips.
  • Discover the gift of compassion for yourself.

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Dr. Steiner is a psychotherapist specializing in work with the medically ill. She has lived with arthritis since she was fourteen. As an author, professional speaker and former wheelchair user, she has developed compassion and wisdom about the challenges of bringing joy, comfort and meaning to people with limitations.

"Your work is important and should be shared with as many people as possible!"

- Sue Bender, author of the New York Times bestseller Plain and Simple and Everyday Sacred


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