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My New Book: The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness —
How to Add Joy to the Ride

Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness Book Cover

I am putting the finishing touches on my inspirational self-help book, The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness: How to Add to Joy to the Ride for individuals who have chronic illness. The book also addresses the needs of their loved ones and health care professionals. The material draws on my personal experiences dealing with what I think of as "medical messes." I offer techniques that have helped clients and doctors deal with the challenges of chronic medical problems. Woven into the chapters are stories and practical tools developed with clients over my 30 years a psychotherapist.

One chapter includes different techniques, such as nicknaming your illness. For instance I live with Arthur of Arthur-it is. Over the years I have found that it helps to have a nickname for one's uninvited companions and have even created a contest to do so!

Did you know?
Chronic pain and illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or fibromyalgia affect more than 90 million Americans. Additionally countless loved ones' and caregivers' lives are also changed by chronic illnesses.

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