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As a psychotherapist, I love helping people live life to the fullest.  I give keynote addresses and motivational talks, lead workshops, and consult with patients, organizations, practicing therapists, and medical practitioners. 

This site includes a wide range of information and tools including information about my therapy services for individuals, couples, and groups to deepen interpersonal relationships. The site has:

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NEWS and Events

Just Released by Routledge: Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide, written for managers, leaders of community organizations, book clubs, writer’s groups, and more


Thanks for joining us for on September 11th: An evening with Ann Steiner, Ph.D.

Hurwich Library Fall Event: Alliant International University, San Francisco Campus

Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide

It was great to discuss group work with leaders of all types of groups - discussion groups, peer support, community organizations, and workplace teams.

Help Your Group Thrive

Dr. Steiner's New Book

My latest book, Help Your Group Thrive: A Workbook and Planning Guide, Routledge Books, written for leaders of work groups, coaches, managers, book and service clubs is now available. This book is also for leaders of community organizations, self-help groups, writer’s and critique groups, and students of the social sciences, among others. Like my popular book for therapists, this workbook and planning guide includes an overview of different kinds of groups, leadership strategies, tips for dealing with common group challenges, and more. These valuable tools will take you from defining your group's mission to helping your group thrive.

Order your copy today! 20% Discount Code: FLR40, Free Shipping, through your local bookseller or on Amazon.


I was honored to present a workshop, The Nuts and Bolts of Creating and Maintaining Groups that Thrive at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention August 9th.

Note to Psychotherapists and medical providers: For information of specific clinical relevance for practicing psychotherapists, please see www.PsychotherapyTools.com

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